I paid a visit to a sick friend to share God’s word, to tell her that sickness or disease is not allowed to plague her. I also desired to join my faith with hers, that she may receive what is rightfully hers, should she believe in Jesus by Whose stripes she has access to perfect health. While I waited in the lounge I heard screams of pain coming out of her room. A nurse tried but failed to find a vain in order to set a drip for her. Eventually she left. My friend was exasperated. I was calm. She wondered if I’d had anything to do with the frustrations of nurse and patient!

When Prophet Isaiah foretold of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, he prophesied that the ‘man of sorrows’ would be wounded and bruised, ‘and by His stripes, we ARE healed’ Is.53:5. This statement is of hope, spoken by one who lived BEFORE the coming of the Saviour.

During His sojourn on earth, many of the miracles of Jesus had to do with healing. The one thing common to recipients of this healing power is this: they drew it by faith.

Apostle Peter referred to the suffering of Jesus ‘by Whose stripes we WERE healed’ 1Pet.2:24. This is a statement of assurance that the deed is already done, the gift is already given. It is spoken by one who lived AFTER the finished work of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary.

Do not allow infirmity to oppress you or your loved ones. Disease or ailment is not the will of God for you all. The power that saved has also healed!