Patience is
integral to a believer’s walk with God. Every good thing is received from
above, by His mercy, but there is an acceptable time to accede to your request.
He has an appointed time for every purpose. Therefore, when you have done all,
you have need of patience, that you may obtain the promiseHeb.10:36.

timing is not ours, neither are His thoughts, ‘the heavens are higher than the earth’ Is.55:9.Everything He said will come to pass, without fail: ‘but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries,
wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry,’

is an integral part of the faith walk.

infallibility of God’s promises is backed by His integrity. Whereas men may
lie, God alone is true.

Having sown
seeds of prayer and taken divinely-guided action, know that God has heard and wait
patiently for the answer, trusting that your time of His visitation will come.
No farmer reaps a bounteous harvest immediately after sowing; he must wait a
complete cycle for fruition. Trust in God keeps you patient as you wait to
receive your desire. You are kept in perfect peace when you trust GodIs.26:3-4.Keep your
heart from agitation and fear; you will enjoy this peaceJn.14:1, 27.

How do you
stay calm in the place of in-between, while waiting for the manifestation of
God’s word; when nothing around you looks remotely like what God said; when it
seems like the conversation with God has been forgotten? More practical steps:

Have absolute, unquestioning, agreement with
God, concerning what He has said. Two walk together by agreementAmos.3:3;

Seek out more of God’s word concerning the
specific matter, to hear and fill your heart with, and keep within youProv.22:17-18a. Have confident
assurance: He does all He says;

Out of the abundance of your heart, let your
mouth speak God’s word, alwaysRom.10:10. Have His
words ready on your lipsProv.22:18b-19a. While you
do this, keep your mouth from transgressingPs.17:3; from
uttering contrary words;

Continue to do the word of God you know,
guided by His Spirit. Success is a function of ‘observing to do’ Josh.1:8;

Wait on God; do not sabotage answer to prayer
by looking to man for helpPs.118:8-9. This
dishonours God. Do not presume to know who He will send to help you, or how He
will achieve what He said. If you rely on man, your heart has departed from the
LordJer.17:5;you not to see when good comes,
for your focus may be where help is not ordained;

Rejoice. Let your heart trust God and your
ways acknowledge HimProv.3:5-6.

Choose to be evergreen, anxious for nothing, never worrying, even
in adversity. This way you will never cease from bearing fruitJer.17:8.