Every word from
the mouth of God, whether written or spoken, is a command, not a suggestion, open
to discussion. His command to Joshua: let not my words ‘depart’ from your ‘mouth’,
and, ‘meditate’ on them ‘day and night’ to glean wisdom on
precise actions to take [observe to do]Josh.1:8. What is it to meditate? It is to
murmur, ponder, imagine, speak, utter. God’s word is truthJn.17:17,
it must be spoken to be enforced; not what we see with our physical eyes, but the
God-given picture perceived in the spirit. For more on the power of God’s words
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Believers Speak:-

In God’s Kingdom
are seeds for producing harvest. Jesus avowed that the parable of
the Sower is foundational to Kingdom success because it gives understanding on the
impact of God’s word on hearts and
lives. The things that belong to the Father, given to Jesus and passed on to His
disciples [and to us], are the
that He heard the Father speakJn.8:28, 15:15, 17:7-8.The Holy Spirit teaches, reminds and reveals to us the words He hears spoken,
taking things that are Christ’s, received by words, and giving them to

We speak:

To obey God and prosperIs.1:19:
God created everything by speaking; as speaking spirits created in His image
and likeness, our speech must reflect His word. Joshua became a man of
accomplishment by his obedience; we would do well to fill our hearts with God’s
words so that we too may excel;

To activate our faithRom.10:10:
By the measure of God’s faith that each received, we do what God did at
believe with our hearts and speak with our mouths, calling those things that
are not as though they ‘were’. Our faith
for receiving grows by our hearing of God’s words coming out of our mouths. The
more we speak, the more we achieve, by faith.

To exercise dominion
over all the works of God’s hands
: Believers have been
conferred with spiritual authority over all the works of God’s handsPs.8:6,
not in our physical form [for our bodies are confined to the
earth realm], but by the operation of our regenerated spirits. Critical
to purpose fulfillment is the making of prophetic utterances – what God has said
– to bring all things in alignment with His good thoughts;

To petition justice
over all matters
: everyone on a Kingdom mission will
encounter opposition. The Holy Spirit’s work is to execute judgment on our
behalf, to command vengeance on whatever and whoever wants to stop us from
doing the Father’s workActs.13: 9-12,
or reaching our glorious destinies. Justice is a main channel by which we will
manifest, therefore, we must take every injustice done to us to the highest
court, to the only Righteous Judge, the God of Justice. We keep quiet at our
own perilEccl.8:11;

To direct the course of
our lives
: We speak to bring a turnaround from
challenging situations and cause our words to be like a compass to steer the
ship of our lives to our divinely-appointed destination. The one who fails to
speak up has put in jeopardy his chance of making his ‘way prosperous’, and to ‘have
good success’

To release the power of
When you raise a voice of faith to God, declaring situations to conform to His professed
willJer.29:11, it is met with His hand of power. None
of the feats of the ministries of Jesus and the apostles would have been
achieved if they had been silent.We
were made kings and priests to our God, to reign on earthRev.5:10;‘Where the word of a
king is, there is power…’
declare God’s word and decree to command it to be so;

To entreat the Apostle
and High Priest of our confession
God’s faithful Son has gone ahead; He intercedes with the Father, to do what we
ask in His name, that our ‘joy may be
How will this be if we do not ask? Jesus solicits the Father over what we say;

To witness to the goodness
of our God
We say the things we have seen and heard, the marvelous works of our God –
manifestations of His mercy and grace – to draw men to Him. Those not ashamed
of the gospel of Christ see its power save all who believeRom.1:16;

To convert spiritual
authority to physical ability
Seated in Christ, in heavenly places,
we have an army of ministering spirits, angels who rush to perform the word of
God they hear us speak. Thus we bring the spiritual blessings stored for usEph.1:3into our physical space, and dominate the earth. Every word of God’s is sent to
accomplish a task;

To get wisdom for
The things we declare are ‘established’
for us; the words we speak grant divine wisdom for problem-solving. We know
what to do to get the result we desire because ‘light will shine’ on our way. Our words are weighted with power;
they draw every resource required, even persons of interest, to realize our
goals! We have what we sayMk.11:23.

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